We put our vision into practice by creating attractive, functional and reliable products. All our products can be found in this catalogue.
Our products are characterized by the following.




Quality has always been one of Kiela’s absolute priorities. Most of the manufacturing and assembly work is carried out at our own factory. This means that we can continually monitor and inspect our products, from draft to finished product. And of course we buy at competitive prices from selected suppliers in order to meet our high quality requirements. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. This means that, despite our best efforts, should anything be less than satisfactory, we will do everything we can to find a solution. We give a 5 year guarantee on the construction of our furniture, and a 3 year guarantee on electrical components.


ergonomics and comfort

We are one of the few manufacturers that meet the policy regulations of the hairdressing industry of the Netherlands’ occupational health and safety board for our entire collection. These standards that govern the equipping of salons ensure the best possible working environment for the salon’s staff, thereby reducing absenteeism as far as possible. Our clients can depend on us for reliable advice. Ergonomics and comfort have always been Kiela’s starting point. After all, it is not only the furniture that has to last for years in a salon, but the staff needs to be able to work comfortably too.



At Kiela, sustainability is an ingrained philosophy that results in the striving for environmental awareness and responsible business practices. Our furniture is made to last for years and that naturally benefits our planet! We mostly use semi-finished products from leading companies in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. This allows us to monitor aspects such as environmental laws and health and safety standards. Furthermore, environmentally unfriendly transport is kept to a minimum. Kiela sees itself as a manufacturer that is part of society. Not
only for now, but in the future too.



Design is all! We know like no other that the salon is the hairdresser’s flagship and must reflect the style and personality of the hairdresser and the times. This is why we are constantly
working on designing innovative furniture. With our ingenious designs from the Netherlands, we are part of Dutch Design. Well thought out, distinctive design, but with the right ‘look and feel’. Our ambitious designers know the market through and through and have the ability to see through the eyes of both hairdresser and customer, without making any concessions to comfort or quality.