Founder Jan Hendrik Kiela starts up first operations in 1939 at the Kerdijkstraat in Rotterdam.


The activities mainly involve manufacturing stainless steel meat platters and deep fat frying units.


Due to the increasing production another accommodation is needed. The company moves twice in Rotterdam. However, the company continues to grow and again it has to move to new premises. These premises cannot be found in the industrial area “Spaanse Polder”, as it simply is too expensive. As a result Kiela tries to find alternatives.


An old building, housing a corn milling-business, situated at the Kerkweg in Driebruggen does fit within the budget. In 1957 the company moves to Driebruggen. The employees travel from Rotterdam to Driebruggen every day.


Meanwhile the focus is on producing steel furniture, using conventional production methods. At the time the company already has a metal department, a grindery, a chrome department,  an upholstery and assembly department.
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Owing to the further expansion the company buys a plot of land of 15.000 m2 on the industrial area “De Betonfabriek” in 1969. Nowadays the company is still located on this address, De Groendijck 15. In 1971 the first new building is realized.


In the 1970s John and Ger Kiela take over the management of the company.


All chairs have 4 legs or a stand. Cross-feet are still being built from metal parts and chromed subsequently. In the late 1970s the first hydraulic adjustable chairs are introduced.


More and more one finds the Kiela products abroad as well. For example Kiela provides the world championships in Milano with furniture in the early 1980s.


In order to increase the export activities Kiela starts to participate in the international show Cosmoprof in Bologna in 1986.


The increasing export results in more interesting rides for the truck drivers and more visits from foreign guests.


Lots of new models are developed.


During the mid 1980s Kiela invests in new modern production methods in the metal and chrome departments and in the carpentry.


In other departments the products are still produced in a traditional way.


Kiela decides to target the market for hairdressing salons in the Netherlands using an own company. The subsidiary Inline is founded and a modern showroom built at the Kerkweg in Driebruggen.
1950 – 1991
John Kiela has to give up his fight against cancer and dies in the age of only 41.


Kiela becomes a leading company in the international market. Being a producer of exclusive hairdressing furniture the company works hard on her image and develops innovative product concepts.


In the mid 1990s the company introduces a high / low adjustable wash basin on the market.


In the beginning of 2000 the company starts with the realization of a new, ultramodern building. In 2004 most departments move to the new premises.
In 2005 an electrical adjustable legrest and an integrated massage system are added to the options in the wash unit program.


More than 50 years after founder J.H. Kiela moved his company to Driebruggen a street is called after him.


In 2011 the finishing touches are put to the realization of a building plan, that has been developed during 3 decades.